Thursday, March 3, 2011

holly is a jewelry making machine!

so i had one of the most productive days on tuesday, than i've had in a very long time. now, granted our studio is not done and i don't have the ideal working space. i got a lot done. i think i made in total: 6 necklaces and 2 bracelets! and i would like to share the photos with you now! yes, i finally got my phone to cooperate and send the damn emails! here ya go!!
 this is my night rocker necklace! do ya get it?? huh? haha! i'm super lame i know! i really like it thou! it's a double strand necklace, made with knotted hemp and heavy antiqued chain.the charms are one's i've collected over the years, possibly ripped off of other pieces. the guitar pick is actually one that i used when i first started played. its a simple knot and loop closure. this one fits more like a choker.
this is the hippie's rosary. again it is a double stand necklace,the first strand is a braided with embroidery floss and hemp cord with a wooded bead.  the second stand is beaded with multiple wooded beads, a piece of leather and a virgin mary charm. it has a simple crab claw closure. this one should hit right about at the collar bone.
this my friends... is the sunday sunshyne medallion necklace! this is probably my favorite out of all of them! it's super light weight and adorable! the charm is actually from a pair of ear rings that i had bought during college. i loved them, but as earrings the sucked! but this necklace is super fun, its strung on a light gold chain and has a simple crab claw closure. this necklace hits just below the collar bone. 

well, for right now this is all i've got, but i'm working on a bunch of new things that i can't wait to share! so stay tuned for that!! 

so as all of you know, i am disgustingly obsessed with etsy... i found an article that i'd love to share with you all. its about one of the sellers on the site who sells some wonderful vintage fashions! it's a great article and has some lovely photos.

featured seller: DearGoldenVintage

i hope this has satisfied you guys for now! i can't wait to get this store up on etsy, the other girls are working on such pretty things! i'm loving colleen's jewelry and amanda's hair clips are so cute! i'd wear everything that they make and i hope you guys will too!!

frugal friday is tomorrow!!


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