Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your vision is blurry but oh, don't you worry; you know this place.

And you said you could manage with eyes closed; well now is the time to shine...

So it is after midnight and I am sitting on by bed and singing Punchline. Why? Because that is just how I roll. Don't hate. Well, I suppose you can hate if you must, but I bring news and pretty things! So I know I've been a bit quiet for the past few days but that is only because it seems that I cannot blog and create at the same time. Oh, productivity; you tricky bastard. But yes, since I have not been blogging that can only mean I've been making things to eventually be sold in our Etsy. Without further ado, behold (in all of its fuzzy, cell phone quality glory):

The Secret Garden bracelet; five strands of elegant beaded beauty with a decorative silver-tone toggle clasp. (Pay no attention to my visible pajama pants or the curious tabby in the background.)
Can we get a closeup of that clasp action?
 Oh yes, we can.

I really have no idea where the inspiration for this bracelet came from. One minute I am sitting on my bed poking through my bead collection and grouping like colors and the next I am stringing this piece and thinking about one of my favorite books as a child. Fair warning; I adore classic literature and reference it quite often, so don't be surprised if you find yourself reading through this blog and find that I've borrowed a title or jacked a passage from an oldie-but-goodie.


One bracelet? Did you really think that was all I've been up to for the past few days? You obviously don't know me very well. If you read my last post you may recall the fuck-ton of beads that my wonderful friend Steve picked out for me to work with; well you'll be pleased to know that I have started putting them to work. May I introduce the (yet unnamed) first piece of my "Cute as a..." collection:

An adorable duckie bracelet just in time for Spring!
Don't get it?
Let me give you a hint.
My 'Cute as a..." collection will be featuring jewelry and accessories made from and using (you guessed it)
That's right, that adorable little yellow guy up there is a button and so are all of his friends in the second image. In addition to cutesy flower and animal styles I also own a large collection of colorful, oversized, ittybitty, and vintage buttons and I am just brimming with ideas of how to make cute wearable accessories with them. I know I promised that I would be using the beads Steve chose as part of my MANLY line but I figured since most of the supplies I need to start work on that line are held up in various warehouses and post offices at the moment I could make an exception.

In other news; I have my own Twitter now. @ococolleen . That's me. Follow me. I love stalkers.

Well there you have it, an update chock full of news, announcements, and adorable images. And if that weren't enough squeal-inducing cuteness for one post; here's a picture of my cat sleeping under my coat.


Well, I'm out for the night. I'm gonna catch up on some much needed sleep. I know I'm no Tom Kalnoky but; FUCK YOU, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU ALL!


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