Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I can't believe how you looked at me with your James Dean glossy eyes...

Hello everyone!

Man has it been a while since I've posted, sorry it's taken so long.  I've come to discover that I'd be a terrible celebrity, I mean most of them now a days are tweeting/blogging/status posting constantly, and I can barely remember to get online to check my email!  Haha.  On a more serious note, finding the inspiration to write has always been difficult for me.  However!  After the Lady Gaga concert on Saturday, I've been a little more inspired all around.

For everyone's enjoyment, I have photo documentation of the entire concert from beginning to end which I am so excited to share with you.  Her show was just incredible!  Not only was it a concert, it was a 4 or 5 act play!  There were set changes, costume changes, and a plot with a deeper meaning than entertainment.  Lady Gaga is such an amazingly gifted woman, artist, and musician, and for one night we were able to live inside her art.  She also shared with us stories of what made her who she is today, things from her childhood and teen years that made her into this strong person.  I will never forget that towards the start of the concert she said that the monster ball was a safe haven for freaks of every nature, and that there we were accepted.  There would be no judging, no snide comments, no dirty looks for being different.  For that one night it was OK.  During her talks with the audience, she told us that she had been picked on when she was in high school, and to hear that from a celebrity meant so much to me.  All through out my schooling, until I got into college, I was kind of the odd one out.  I was the tallest girl in my class, I was lanky, uncoordinated, never into the same things as everyone else, and just all around different.  So as a result I was an easy target for bullying.  It messed with me for years, and sometimes it still gets to me to think about it because those stereotypical people who think they're better than you are still out there.  But getting back to the point, Lady Gaga told all of us that we are better than all of that!  That we just had to push all that away, to just brush off all of the negativity, and to remind ourselves that we're better than they're words.  She was so inspirational, and it meant more to me than anyone could ever know.

Below is the link for you to enjoy all of the photos I took.  We were seated up on the first, non club box seat, tier, but you can see all of the stage and the sets in their entirety.  And thanks to her bright yellow hair, Gaga is easy to pick out in the group pictures.  There are close ups that I took of the screens.
My favorite shot of the night
And for something a little more crafty and artistic, this is the sketch of the Lady Gaga portrait I'm working on.  The plan is to finish it in acrylics.

All right, well I'm gonna call it a night.

Post soon!


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