Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't know. Why not? Can you? Of course!

Oh my god!  I'm posting two days in a row!  This is crazy and definitely needs to happen more often.  Lol.  Anyway,  while I was at work today, hunched over a bin of playstation 2 games I was alphabetizing, I had a stroke of genius!  Both my mom and me really like to sew, and over the years we've accumulated quite a bit of random left over fabric pieces.  And after my sewing extravaganza last year, I also had some pearl beads left over.  So I thought, why not put these together!  And...

Tada!  Fabric flower hair clips!  I experimented with two different techniques and sizes, and personally, I think the little green one turned out the best.  It's more rounded and rose like than the purple and white one, it just seems too flat and didn't do what I wanted when I was sewing it together.  Yes, these are both hand sewn pieces, even the hair clip on the back is hand sewn on, mainly cause I was too lazy to go upstairs and dig out the hot glue gun.  Haha.

Well I hope you like them, and I definitely plan on making more!

Night my lovelies

p.s. the title comes from a part at the beginning of the movie the losers, which is hilarious and you should totally watch!


  1. Absolutely adorable! I love them. -C.

  2. there needs to be so many more of these! i want a million just for my own personal use!! hahah! these are great manda!! keep it up! XO,H.


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