Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ich verbrenn mein studio, schnupfe die asche wie koks.

Yes, the above line may read as "I burn down my studio and snort the ashes like coke" in German, but who are you to judge? I'm currently having a bit of a love affair with my ipod. I seem to have forgotten as of recent just how amazingly therapeutic music can be. Do you think musicians have any idea just how much their work can affect a person? Anyway, I'm rambling. Back on subject! *whip crack*

So didja know that we here at Order and Chaos had a meeting on Thursday? This is how it went.
A lot of coffee and tea, a sweet treat or two.
Disjointed bits alongside finished works.
A ton of ideas and planning, plenty of off topic conversation and catching up.
A little bit of order perfectly mixed with plenty of chaos.

And let's not forget plenty of craft store shopping. Seriously, I put a drain on my bank account. I lost hours that I will never get back poking through ribbon, findings, and beads. I actually have some cohesive ideas for a Spring line. Also a bit of inspiration for a Summer line. And plenty that, upon inspection, would better fit in with an Autumn line. Nothing Winter. Screw that. I've had enough of that for now. But yeah, to say I'm inspired would be putting it mildly. Very mildy. I am itching to get to work on a bracelet as we speak but I promised pictures of the works I've finished in my last post so here I am typing.

As mentioned, I finished Bad Wine and Lemon Cake, the pendant inspired by this here song. [Linked to the version with Amanda Palmer for Holly.]

I also threw together a little something for the "Cute as a..." collection. A very basic color scheme here but I was going for a kitschy, kawaii sorta feel.

And I find that I've forgotten to take pictures of the other stuff I've finished. FAIL. I'll get them up soon.

I promise better pictures when I rediscover my digital camera.

So I leave you with more promises. Oh, and an awesome music video. One that Amanda would be shocked that I didn't turn off after the first few seconds.

'Til we meet again.

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