Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan relief and frugal friday.

hello my darlings. 
as you all know, japan has been hit with a horrendous earthquake and tsunami. it makes me sick to think about everything that, that wonderful culture and their beautiful people are going through right now. as coco has stated earlier, i feel that we should be doing something to help. i am going to paint something this weekend, most likely tonight and make prints, and we'll configure a way to make sure all the proceeds go to helping out our friends in japan. and i'm sure the other girls are going to come up with something also, so stay tuned for that. 
along with that, mother monster, my beloved lady gaga has designed a bracelet to help out. i'm going to purchase one and donate more as well tonight. here's the link.

please everyone... i beg you to help out in any way you can. these people need all the help that they can receive.
i'll post more about the issue later on tonight or tomorrow as soon as i'm able to get something finished! 

  on a less stomach turning note... (yes, it turns my stomach. that's how upset about it i am) is frugal friday. i wish i would have done something related but i did not. so there's a bit of a contrast between my writing and today's frugal friday installment. so i do apologize. 
this week does have another kind of theme to it, but it's not geared to a celebrity of any kind, though, it does sort of corolate with miss nicki minaj. i really do like her latest album 'pink friday' and i believe when i was putting this set together, i may have been listening to it :)
so here ya go! 

that's about it for now. please keep checking back frequently for the japan relief items. 

XOXO, holly

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