Thursday, March 24, 2011

Keeping promises and so much more.

Gonna throw some pictures up of new work and things I simply forgot to photograph before.

 I did some cleaning today and set up a nice little area to display my designs and take pictures of my work. The Momiji are added for cuteness. Did I mention that I bought some oddly pigmented body parts on which to display my work?

First we have the lovely velvet vixen Europa displaying the first piece of MANLY jewelry designed by myself. I haven't named the little bugger yet but I love him to pieces.
He consists of a glazed ceramic pendant embellished with the word "Go" and 18 inches of hand-knotted black hemp cord.
 The closure on this one is a simple knot & loop deal with some frayed edges left to give it a rugged feel.
Nice, simple, positive, MANLY.

Another warm welcome to Bodacia, our not-quite-life-size pink hand model. Though her wrist is a bit thin to actually wear our bracelets it won't stop me from using her to display them. Currently she is holding a piece tentatively titled "Letters From Afar". It features a vintage-style sparrow charm clutching an envelope in it's beak as it dangles from the point near the clasp where the two strands connect.
One strand is a length of chain in the same antique bronze tone as the clasp and charm while the other features lavender bicone-cut and pink faux-jade glass beads.

Well, I'm afraid that is all of the pretty things I have for you today. I'm going to be taking a bit of a break from making pieces for our Etsy as I concentrate on designing some things to submit to Arts and Crafts United for Japan's charity auction to help raise funds for relief efforts in Japan. If you have not heard of them please check them out on Facebook and Twitter. If you happen to be a crafty person please consider submitting some pieces to the auction, it is for a really good cause.

Well, I'm off to spray a few more coats of resin and hit the sack. I've got a long day of crafting ahead of me.

Love & kisses,

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