Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's not too hot, it's not too cold. All you need is a light jacket.

OMG you guise! I'm doing that thing called posting. Inorite, WTF?

But seriously, it's Coco here. As myself and Holly mentioned, my birthday was Friday and I seriously had one of the most wonderful birthdays I have ever had even though I had to work it. The festivities started around midnight after I had just posted the blog containing the pictures of my nyan cat sampler with a ton of people texting me and Facebooking me before I even had the chance to register the fact that it was a new day. The trend continued overnight with me waking to over 22 notifications on my phone. I got up and got ready for work with sleepy mumblings of "happy birthday" from my brothers who stumbled out of bed pretty much as I was leaving (they had the day off from school for Easter break, lucky bastards) and then I went to work, where I was surprised at the number of customers who knew it was my birthday. All day long I had people wishing me a happy birthday. One cutsomer even bought me my favoritest candy; mallow cups! The sweet surprises continued with my mom dropping off a tiny cake with my dinner.
That surprise alone would have made my night but it turns out there were more to be had. It was about 9:00 when I got a wave of texts from family and friends including a "Happy Birthday, sorry I can't make it." text from my brother Josh who is apartment/cat sitting with his girlfriend for my older brother who is currently serving in Afghanistan. I wasn't really expecting him to be there so I wasn't too bummed out but apparently that text was just to psyche me out as he and Brittni showed up not 45 minutes later carrying another small cake.
They set it on the counter, lit the candles, and sang to me as I was counting the unsold newspapers at work. Then they boxed the cake up and told me they'd see me at home. I spent the rest of my shift fighting tears. When I got home I found the living room packed with people, mostly my brothers and their friends; and everyone gathered around YET ANOTHER petite cake and sang happy birthday to me again.
After all of that I opened my gifts from mom; a card with various gift cards and an I.O.U for a new edition Amazon Kindle and a microwave kiln for fusing glass. I know, an I.O.U sounds pretty weak but it is kind of tradition. The new Kindle won't be released until May 3rd and mom is notorious for ordering my gifts late and not factoring in shipping time. I would probably have heart failure if I had actually gotten my gifts on time. But I can't wait for them to arrive, because then I'll be able to do things like this.
and this
In addition to those gifts I also got some lovely ones from my friends.
I scored a handmade tote from Holly (along with candy and bubbles that I've already busted into) and adorable socks, makeup, and a slightly offensive compact mirror from Becca! The rest of my gifts came in the form of a lovely day out with friends on Saturday. First myself, Steve, and Becca headed down to Southside where we ate lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant.
Mmyeah, chile rellenos.

After lunch we hit up the shops and I got myself some fun stuff.
Namely a gorgeous indigo scarf, some nag champa, a vintage owl necklace, and some hemp. (Yes, I really am so boring that I bought supplies for jewelry making with my birthday money. I mean, are you really surprised? I asked for a glass fusing kiln as one of my gifts, after all.)
Isn't the owl necklace just so cute? And you don't even know the best part. A few weeks ago on eBay I bought myself the cutest little vintage elephant necklace in almost the exact same style as the owl.
Lookit them! They're like long-lost BFFs!

After shopping we met up with the rest of the cool kids who came out for my birthday. The original plan was to go to a hookah bar and chill but that ended up not happening for various reasons. But just when it seemed like all was lost and Coco was about to cry and be a total drama-whore the night was saved by Holly and her amazing boyfriend Quinn. Seriously, I cannot thank him enough for everything he did that night. He is totally one of the most down to earth and generous people I have ever met and he and Holly completely salvaged my birthday celebration.

Speaking of Quinn, I mentioned in an earlier post that I had given him a prototype piece for the MANLY; the man line line after he was kind enough to donate some materials to me. Well, I finally made the first one that will be available for sale (if anyone wants such a thing, that is.)
 Here is the finished project; a tiny tabasco sauce necklace.
Yes, that is an actual tiny bottle of tabasco sauce. I strung it; unopened, on some 20lb natural colored hemp woven in a half-square knot pattern. I'll be cranking out more of these babies soon, including some on colored hemp and different thicknesses of hemp. Stay tuned!

Also in the works are some functional, affordable cross stitch pieces, handmade cross stitch tags, and more jewelry for the ladies. (I'm just waiting on the postal nazis to stop dragging their feet and deliver my supplies to get started on more awesomeness!). 
My apologies for the image quality of these photos. Some were from my cell phone which is notoriously blurry and others were from my digital camera which has decided to be pixellated as hell after mom abused it.

Well, I'm off now. About halfway through blogging this I glanced at Facebook and saw a post by one of the members of Punchline saying that their drummer had been jumped by the clowns in the shitty ass punk band brokeNCYDE. The fucktards even bragged about it on their Twitter:
"Brokencyde vocalist David "Se7en" Gallegos also tweeted, "Crazy street brawl! Just fucked this guys face up. My bad!!!! BC boys destroyed those fools... BAD!""
Yeah, fuck shitty scene bands. I'm raging so hard right now. Taking my rage offline before I say something I'll regret.

Forever a Punchkid,

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  1. <3 i'm so glad we could help you celebrate your birthday! love you, doll! -XO. H.


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