Friday, April 22, 2011

soooo i'ts friday....and colleen's birthday and jessi's birthday. wow!

what's happenin'!!!
so it's kind of a big day you guys! it's our darling coco's birthday and also our adorable jessi over at because the heart won't quit. so massive amounts of love and birthday wishes to both of them! 

colleen's newest project, which you can view at the post right before this one, is kinda the shit. just saying....i'm going to talk to her this weekend so that we can start selling her lovely cross stitching and the rest of our junk. YAY :)

well, it is friday and i have a second or two to post something before i head downtown. so i whipped up a little frugal friday thinger for you guys. i really like this one, it's very summer-ish (haha!) and rather cute! hope you guys like it!

that's about kiddos, i gotta jet!!!


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