Monday, May 16, 2011

just a quick note!

hey everybody!

just wanted to let you all know why it's been so quiet around these parts lately!! 

well, everyone's been very busy lately. our darling jessi just graduated from college yesterday with a degree in psychology. the ever wonderful colleen has been working nonstop at her job and on secret and commissioned projects. and amanda jean jelly bean has been running ramped trying to work and get ready for her family vacation next week to disney! 

along with all of this, we've been reorganized and re-purposing somethings within our company as to make things run a bit smoother. once everything is figured out, i'll be able to tell you all a bit more.

as far as what i have been up to... well, all i can say as of now is that i'm working on some very adorable things for you guys! 
keep it funky!

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