Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do you hear that? Somewhere there's a baboon scratching his ass.

Don't ask, I'm watching Beastly and that was the last funny line right before I started this post.  Lol.  Just wanted to check in with everybody since I haven't been on in about a week.  Lets see, what have I been up, work, and what else, ah, more work.  Its tedious and dull, and today there were two girls in the store that I was seconds away from throwing out when they finally left.  Jessie, you know what I'm talking about.  But luckily I have a day off tomorrow, and I'm going to spend it with nick down at the waterfront movie theater having our own little double feature!  What two movies will we be seeing you ask?  For that, you'll just have to wait and find out!  *evil laugh*

Project wise, I've been working on a baby shower gift for my best friend, April's, baby shower on Sunday.  I finished the pattern for it tonight, and bought the fabric earlier this afternoon before work.  I'm so excited to sew it all together tomorrow!  And what's even better, the pattern is going to be reused for O&C projects!!!  Don't worry, I'll post pictures when its all finished.  I also came across this awesome little calendar at work.  It's a day to day calendar for 2011 and it was only .16! And it's all these different sewing projects with detailed instructions, and some have patterns.  It shows you how to make purses, aprons, a skirt out of a table cloth, and tons of other neat little things.

Oh! And remember when I was talking about learning how to make wigs and selling hair pieces?  Well, I ordered a book off of amazon that will help me to accomplish that.  After reading the first four chapters of it today, there's a lot more that goes into wig making than people were telling me.  Maybe there's a way to make simpler versions that are adjustable, but to make a wig that fits perfectly to someones head, not so easy.  First you need to have all the right equipment, and what I have is barely scratching the surface.  For one I'll need to save up for a good, canvas, wig block to work on, the Styrofoam ones I have, according to the book, aren't really good for working on, just for storing.  But I guess that makes sense, Styrofoam doesn't really hold up that well.  The one sitting on my table looks like its been to hell and back.  Lol.  And here's a fun fact for you, did you know that there are 7 different types of hair pins?  Crazy what little facts you pick up.

Well now I'm just starting to ramble on, and mostly about nothing really important.  I'll check back in tomorrow!

Good night,

Amanda <3 


  1. yea ego maniac ang get all ur fat huge ugly azz of here


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