Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This and That and Animal Hats (Place your vote!)

Hello my Lovlies!!

Life is hectic as usual, but I can't complain at all. I've been enjoying the summer, preparing for fall and the approaching festivities it will bring. Excited? I'd say so! Though it will only make life more hectic I'm completely ok with that.

Spent some much needed time with the girls recently. Milkshakes, fresh squeezed sugary lemonade and a few handmade chocolates had us all ready to enter sugar induced comas. Yay for good times and good friends. Holly has other pictures from that day that are sure to entertain and I'm sure she'll share them soon.
I've been untangling yarn>>>
<<<<Making beanies
 and squares for a new scarf I'm working on. I've mostly been trying to build up inventory for the approaching festivals in the midst of my crazy schedule.
Though I'd like to have a poll! I do hope you all chose to participate because I really could use the guidance in my inspiration. Which animal hat should I attempt next. I've done the fox hat and intend to make another of those. Which should be my next conquest? The bunny, the cat, or the bear? Post your vote below in the comments!!!!
Live Well, Laugh Often, Love much  
 ❤ Jessi

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