Thursday, August 11, 2011

holly is poor at blogging.

at least i am this week. time has kind of slipped away from me this week, as far as the blog is concerned. i am working on a few things, but i don't want to rush through them and then have you all be disappointed, or maybe just disappoint myself with the quality of the post.
i'm leaving for indiana tonight, for quinn's cousin's wedding. and with packing, and cooking and crafting and all sorts of other things, i've gotten behind here on the blog. so i really do apologize. i've got tons of things to share with you and there's a good possibility that i'm going to just compile them all in one gggggiant post. or maybe not. that'd be overwhelming, right? right.

well, look forward to everything next week, as i adjust into this whole new chapter of my life. oh, what does she mean by this? yea, i completely forgot to mention it, as i was trying to be civil and keep it off the internet. well, i'll tell you briefly. i quit my job at the airbrush shop last week. things were going sour between my boss and i, i will not go into detail, that'd be rude. but it was becoming a hostile work environment and i felt it was time for me to move on. i'm using this time to figure out what it is that i actually want to do with my life and where i want to be. i don't want to just jump back into another job right away, and honestly, i don't think i could. my life is changing drastically, from the death of my mother, to things with this job. i'm alittle out of place at the moment and i'm doing my best to adjust. so hang tight, i am figuring things out! and i'll be back on a roll soon enough. you can count on that....i'm a karnes, it's what we do.

until later, stay good.


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