Monday, August 8, 2011

monday: love of pink

this week's inspiration monday is dedicated to the color pink. so, it's confession time...for those who don't know me very well, i must tell you that for a good portion of my life i was obsessed with barbies. i mean, i had just about every barbie made between the years of 1991-2003. no kidding. my room was barbie, i had a barbie bike, little battery operated car and everything else in between. once i hit my teen years, it was suddenly uncool to love barbies anymore. but now that i'm in my 20's, i regaining an appreciation for her and her color. i still don't wear much pink (though, i did sport a bright pink blouse amanda gave me the other day), but it does pop up in my wardrobe every now and again and it's been know to sneak into my art and into my crafting. this week i show appreciation to one of the colors that is most enjoy!
you can find all of these pictures and there sorces here! i hope you liked all of these cute pink photos, and before we go...

can't leave out barbie herself.

have a good week everybody!!

1 comment:

  1. Love this pink collection! The camper is definitely my favorite. :)


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