Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 random things about me.

hello friends...
i've seen some interesting posts around the blogisphere and i thought i'd share 5 totally random things about me, just for fun! here we go!!

1. i can not live without coffee. 
        i've tried, if i wake up in the morning and don't have it i feel like crap!
2. i love day time talk shows.
        the ellen show, anderson and the doctors are my favorites! its how i start my day.
3. i used to play the piano, i play the guitar and i have a reasonably good singing voice.
        my senior year in highschool, i won the national choral award and was president of our chorus.
        ***nerd alert***
4. i'm super clumsy. like really really clumsy.
         see this post to see what happened when i tried to help out a lady.
5. my best friend is my little black cat, buffy. 
         i got her when i was in grade school and i was really into buffy the vampire slayer at the time, hence her name. you can see pictures of her at the bottom of this post.

well, i hope you enjoyed my nerdiness hhaa! don't forget to check out what's going on with us next week in this post. amanda and are going to be working on a little photo shoot today, so there will be loads of photos later on. i'm going to be putting together a little look book for you guys! i can't wait to start working on it! yay!

happy thursday friends! what are you up to this week????
holly erinn! <3

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