Tuesday, January 17, 2012

working on some goals!!!

hey friends! so if your wondering what the hell i'm doing posting this video- check out this post. one of my goals was to learn how to make friendship bracelets and this is the pattern i'm going to be trying first. i've always loved friendship bracelets but never learned how to make them, then last year i asked amanda to make me one and it took her almost 6 months to get it to me! so i figured i should learn how to make my own to avoid this problem! once i figure this out-i don't think it'll be too hard- i'll post my results!

also, on the subject of goals...another one of mine was to paint and finish 10-15 new pieces of art! well, i've already got 2 completely finished and 1 in the works!! AND i've got something awesome that i'll be sharing with you guys this week! one of the pieces i was working on, i stopped at every significant point in the painting process and took a photo. the progression is kind of neat, so i'll be posting that sometime this week too!!

in addition to all this fun, i'm hoping to introduce you to the new sponsors soon! they're a great bunch and i'm very excited to show them off! well, that's it for me today. i'm sorry i've been kind of absent recently, i've been preparing for something kind of big! take it easy folks, hope your week is going well!!! <3

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